Children’s clothing: Clothes and shoe sizes

Usually babies do not try on clothes in stores. This procedure would involve a lot of stress for parents and children. Baby clothes are usually bought without fitting. Therefore, parents should be familiar with this, what is the size of clothes on the child.

The standard sizes of baby clothes

The standard sizes for baby and toddler clothing usually begin with the size 50th The even smaller size 42-46, which is chosen for premature babies and very young children, is only available in some stores. From size 50, it goes with the sizes in six steps further, i.e. 56, 62, 68, etc. With a dress size 50 to go from a length of about 50 centimetres from babies.

Although, of course, not all babies are the same age and same size, there are also the various clothing sizes. It is stated that in the clothing size 50 can fit babies aged 0-1 months, size 56 – babies of 1-2 months, the size of 62 babies of 3-4 months, and the size of 68 babies of 5-7 months. Size 74 – babies from 8-10 months, size 80 – babies from 11-15 months, the size of 86 – infants of 16-22 months and the size of 92 – infants of 23-29 months.The above values are approximate and of course, a big baby of 3 months does not necessarily fit into a size bodysuits 62nd.

Baby Clothing – Skin friendly

They should be comfortable and practical. Natural materials such as cotton, merino wool and linen are ideal for baby’s sensitive skin. Warm clothing such as hats and jackets protect against the baby the cold and wet. Bodysuits and rompers are also included as standard.

Baby and toddler shoes

Uncomfortable shoes can cause the baby pain and lead to serious health damage. Since the feet can grow very different, always a professional should measure the child’s foot before buying shoes.

Winter clothes for baby

In winter, we would like to clothe his children chic and fashionable. Baby clothes for the upcoming winter days shows up in cosy sweaters with a festive pattern, a warm pair of pants or a dress made of fluffy wool. Garments of fine collars are ideal for the holidays.